A developer with extensive experience of full stack development for large corporate clients. I have a proven track record with many Blue Chip companies in the UK. My wide skill set, strong communication skills and team leadership experience means I can be flexible and adapt to a variety of different teams and situations.

Key Successes

Instrumental in the design and development of a new responsive multi language global news channel for mobile, that is now used in over 120 countries.

Oversaw the design and development of a new intranet web page templating system that saved the company over £1 Million in its first year of use, allowing non technical users to easily build engaging, brand compliant web pages.

Played a key role in the development of a Service Gateway web application that unified 2,000 separate service links into one interface, personalised by business unit and language - this site is now one of the most visited within GSK.

Implemented source control, daily stand ups, AGILE development processes and regular developer code review - this led to an increase in customer satisfaction, as better code was delivered.

Knowledge expert on front end development and was frequently called upon to meet high level IT team members and clients to discuss solutions.


AngularJS / JavaScript / Node / NPM / Bootstrap 3 / HTML5 / CSS3 / SCSS / LESS / TDD / Jasmine / Karma / GIT / Webstorm / Sublime / REST Web Services / JQuery / JQuery Mobile / AJAX / ASP.NET / C# / PHP / JSON / XML / XSLT / Visual Studio / SharePoint 2007-2013 / SQL Server / Concrete 5 / SVN / Jira / Pivotal Tracker / Photoshop / Illustrator / Technical Lead / Team Lead / Project Management



The best quality of Marty was that he remains cool how grim the situation is. He was versatile & has a wonderful attribute to multi-task his work with great ease. As a person, he was humble, honest and caring. I was impressed by his analytic skills; deep-thinking, and resolve to overcome gravest of challenges.Also, it's fun to work with him.

Definitely, where ever he goes, he will make his mark & bring the best out of his team.

Amir Saeed

Marty and I worked together and finished quite a lot projects successfully. As a technical lead his grasp on the knowledge and grip on technicality aspects helped the team to finish various projects swiftly and smoothly. He is a great technical guy and he possesses exceptional leadership qualities. His knowledge about front-end as well as back-end helped the team to understand the logic of different projects. He is knowledgeable in .Net, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Sql Server and many other modern technologies what any technical team wants. He knows how to provide crystal clear instructions to his team. Also, he has a good sense of humour that makes him loved by all of his team mates and he treats his team members like his friends so that he can get his work done in time and also make sure that his team enjoy their time while working with him. I recommend him to every employer who wants to hire a friendly and skilled technical lead.