Amlin Aguri

Official site of the Amlin-Aguri Formula E Team

Built using JQuery Mobile, HTML5 and CSS3 the site required a major overhaul and work included a rebuilt responsive homepage, the addition of the Features, News and Gallery sections as well as numerous site updates and tweaks.

The sites code base was refactored and extraneous technologies removed to allow the site to run smoothly across the intended platforms and browsers.

Key Successes:
The site was re-worked to coincide with Amlin-Aguri's first race and was launched with the new sections and bugs ironed out.


JQuery Mobile, Responsive, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery


Joe Lees

I worked with Marty directly for six years, during that time he was a key member of the development team that he then went on to lead. Marty's grasp of web development technologies, coupled with his ability to talk clearly and concisely to clients and stakeholders, made him a valuable member of the team. Flexible to changing situations, Marty's warm management style was popular in the team, and he implemented new standards and processes that have been of great benefit. I would wholehearted recommend Marty for any development or technical management role.

Dave Frampton

I have worked with Marty for close to 10 years now. He is always creative and determined to make things work in a smooth and elegant way. Multi skilled he is able to easily take on complex challenges and turn them into reality. He is an valuable member of any team.