Smart heating, hot water and a cosy home

Cosy is a wireless home heating system.

Using the web app the 10,000 strong user base can control their heating and hotwater by setting schedules and ad hoc events.

Working in a full Agile environment I was responsible for all development including app architecture, UI build, data integration, unit testing and bug fixing,

I built the Cosy web app as a fully responsive application in AngularJS and Vanilla JavaScript. I also developed the complete UI using Bootstrap 3 and LESS. To setup all the test suites for the application I used Jasmine and Karma.

Finally I setup Gulp to run the tests and build both the production and development versions of the application.

I worked closely with embedded software engineers, cloud engineers and iOS/Android developers to help develop new endpoints and efficient workflows.

Key Successes
Successful re-design and restructuring of the original web app whilst maintaining a fully functioning and seamless integration with the old system architecture. Successful deployment delivered on time to the 10,000 user base with no disruption to existing services.


AngularJs, Javascript, Node, NPM, Gulp, LESS, HTML5, CSS3, Karma, Jasmine, Webstorm



The best quality of Marty was that he remains cool how grim the situation is. He was versatile & has a wonderful attribute to multi-task his work with great ease. As a person, he was humble, honest and caring. I was impressed by his analytic skills; deep-thinking, and resolve to overcome gravest of challenges.Also, it's fun to work with him.

Definitely, where ever he goes, he will make his mark & bring the best out of his team.

Dave Frampton

I have worked with Marty for close to 10 years now. He is always creative and determined to make things work in a smooth and elegant way. Multi skilled he is able to easily take on complex challenges and turn them into reality. He is an valuable member of any team.