Ipsos MORI

New UK Intranet design and development

Ipsos MORI migrated their existing SharePoint 2007 Intranet to SharePoint 2013 and required a new design for the new intranet launch.

A new design was applied to the entire site structure for a cleaner more modular look.

The homepage was developed to pull events and tailored news from across the site allowing for a more focussed and engaging interface.

The existing page template was adapted to allow existing pages to snap into the new branding with little or no effort from content editors.

Features included a fluid layout, collapsible menus, animated news features, dynamic data driven carousels and easy to populate custom web-parts.

Key Successes
The site launch coincided with the UK headquarters moving offices and had a strict and very tight deadline. The new portal was designed and built ahead of time and the launch was a complete success.


SharePoint 2013, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, CAML, XML


Joe Lees

I worked with Marty directly for six years, during that time he was a key member of the development team that he then went on to lead. Marty's grasp of web development technologies, coupled with his ability to talk clearly and concisely to clients and stakeholders, made him a valuable member of the team. Flexible to changing situations, Marty's warm management style was popular in the team, and he implemented new standards and processes that have been of great benefit. I would wholehearted recommend Marty for any development or technical management role.


The best quality of Marty was that he remains cool how grim the situation is. He was versatile & has a wonderful attribute to multi-task his work with great ease. As a person, he was humble, honest and caring. I was impressed by his analytic skills; deep-thinking, and resolve to overcome gravest of challenges.Also, it's fun to work with him.

Definitely, where ever he goes, he will make his mark & bring the best out of his team.